About Us

Incorporated in 1984, the Sutherland – Forest Grove Community Association is a non-profit organization run by dedicated volunteers. The Association plans, coordinates, and administers seasonal programs for all age groups, from adult fitness to teen programs, children’s sports and toddler activities.



VACANT President
Raelene Petracek  306-373-4379 Vice President
Amber Wood Secretary and Memberships
Joanne Zehtab Treasurer
Janelle Paproski Communications
Andrea Carroll Special Events Coordinator
Raelene Petracek 306-373-4379 Indoor Co-Coordinator
VACANT Indoor Co-Coordinator
Julianna Ofori Children and Youth Coordinator
VACANT Adult Program Coordinator
Shawn Brown 306-955-1557 Basketball Coordinator
VACANT Softball Coordinator
Arifur Rahman  306-381-0406 Indoor Soccer Coordinator
VACANT Outdoor Soccer Coordinator
VACANT Hollandia Soccer Liaison
Meaghan Taylor Member at Large
Kerrry Lajeunesse Rink Coordinator
VACANT Inventory
Stephan Simon 306-373-2421 Community & Civic Liaison / Webmaster
Karen Farmer 306-975-2952 City of Saskatoon Community Consultant
 Jennifer Simon  Past President



Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws